Content Management

Our content management expertise and experience using SharePoint applications impacting the industry, is our corroboration. Search Tribes content management is productively reliant on applications that are loaded with web-based user interfaces. The proven solutions that we deliver support multiple users in a collaborative environment.

SharePoint Services

Search Tribes recognizes the significance of SharePoint Applications as a web-based platform with its collaborative strengths that integrates with Microsoft Office. SharePoint is greatly adaptable and satisfies business requirements. The SharePoint solutions effectively bring about best policies, practices and standards within an organization. It marks logic in an industry with the applications varying from business to business.

We believe that our collaborative consultation is an effort to mitigate the constant industry challenges in areas of common distribution of information between employees, partners and customers. Our experts construct and organize extranets, intranets, custom applications and public websites to untangle business necessities, however complicated. The objective of a SharePoint application is to deliver business value.

Our end-to-end solutions ease the flow of an integral component called ‘information’ within an organization. Effective projects have concluded the full cycle starting with planning to design to executions of enterprise web providing single, inclusive access to information and systems.

SharePoint Capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Solutions & SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Development & Customized Solutions
  • SharePoint Application
  • SharePoint Maintenance
  • SharePoint Migration
  • SharePoint Upgrade
  • SharePoint Collaboration
  • SharePoint Enterprise Search
  • SharePoint Content Management
  • SharePoint Workflow Management
  • SharePoint Web Part Solutions


Establishments depend significantly on unified communication systems. All the cumbersome details of social computing platforms, messaging and collaboration tools, security, storage and backup are time-consuming. The Microsoft Office 365 solutions, mechanizes effortlessness with systematic organizational audits solutions that make for more efficient work, using trusted applications. Supported by the internet, the Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are solutions that does not require constant configuration of new software.

The industry has recognized Office 365 as a solution showing the highest levels of performance and productivity. This provides the employees, freedom to work on devices of choice at their convenience.

Our in-house team assists to define and analyze an organization’s application requirements, sets a blueprint and directs it through the techniques of integrating business requirements and executing it.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A comprehensive, innovative technology, LMS, is an online learning platform built specifically as a single-delivery platform that serves competency-based, on-campus, online, blended, hybrid, and continuing education modalities.

This allows new levels of personalization, flexibility, and engagement to online learning. Our insights can help lower costs and increase retention and graduation rates.

With our flexible learning platform, an effective set of competencies is defined for each course that outlines skills, knowledge, and abilities that students must demonstrate.

Document Management System (DMS)

Many use Document management, digital collaborative interfaces or even a CMS system to manage all web publishing in day-today-work. Document Handling is a huge challenge across industries since traditional storage solutions have a limited search function. Control levels are a hurdle when multiple actors want to collaborate in one or several documents.

Document Management System based on the Microsoft SharePoint-platform provides a structured and convenient way of document handling. With our years of experience in development, we have a vast expertise in how to create and implement the most successful solutions based on SharePoint.